Organic Cripps Pink Apples

The Cripps Pink apple, known more commonly as the Pink Lady apple, is a well-known and popular apple variety cherished for its vibrant appearance, sweet-tart flavor, and crisp texture. Cripps Pink apples are instantly recognizable by their bright pink to reddish-pink skin. They make an excellent choice for snacking due to their sweet and crisp nature and are used in salads, as they hold up well when sliced. Also prized for baking, Cripps Pink maintains shape and flavor when used in pies, tarts, and other desserts.


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- Fresh, Organic, Chelan Ranch Apples
- Recyclable shipping boxes made locally in the PNW region
- Recycled plastic clamshells made from 70% pre-used plastic, fully recyclable, and sourced from the U.S.
- Biodegradable and sustainable Green Cell Foam insulation to add an extra layer of protection, primarily made of corn, and will dissolve in your sink under running water
- Optional Chelan Beauty logo cooler bag
- Cold packs are included during the summer months to ensure the freshest quality of fruit is delivered to your doorstep

We are working hard to find a better solution for the plastic clamshell, one that is rigid enough to protect fragile varieties.

Certified WSDA/USDA Organic, Salmon-Safe Certified US Ecolabel, GLOBALG.A.P. Produce Handling Assurance (PHA), SQF Certified (Safe Quality Foods)

Customer Reviews

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Caroline C
Wow! Perfect pink lady apples…in July?

Well quite frankly I didn’t have very much hope. I was expecting my apples to be half baked when they arrived… literally. I imagined kind of warm and mushy. The air temp in VA was 90+ degrees. What was the temp in all those trucks?

The package arrived. Despite a broken ankle, I hobbled out to get the box. Opened the box right there in the driveway. Oh my … a bag, with handles? Unzipped the top… grabbed one and took a bite. Ok, it was a bit warm… but crisp and delicious!

Well done, everyone. Very well done indeed!

Thank you for your kinds words and honest feedback, Caroline! Our small team has been busy testing and researching our packaging and shipping procedures to ensure high quality upon delivery! We are very pleased the apples arrived in nearly perfect condition! It is true that we are now in July - we suspect that we may run out of apples in the coming weeks/month, but we will be transitioning to our fresh cherries and blueberries here in a few weeks so we will have other delicious fruit available until apples return in the fall! You'll have to give them a try!


delicious- hopw they are organic!

Cripps pink apples

Discovered these apples at a farmers market and fell in love with the taste of these apples. Couldn’t find them again, then found them at this company! Shipping was relatively good for the pandemic. Apples paced well for shipment. Delicious taste! My favorite apple. Very happy with this company, will order again

Cliff Meyer
Pink ladies are my new favorite

Happy to find pink ladies even though they are out of season where I live.

Shawna Higgins
Wonderful Apples and great company

We had a little mishap with shipping and Chelan Beauty was amazing, they shipped another shipment right out, this is the kind of business I love to support. And let me tell you the apples are amazing!!!