How it began

Chuck Berry’s song, “It was a teenage wedding, and the old folks wished them well….” described Bill and Angell in 1981. They loaded their B-210 and floored it to Chelan to begin a lifetime farming career. After four lean years on the farm Bill grew up on, the couple and their new baby, Shyla, cut free and searched for other opportunities. Eventually, they strike gold in leasing area orchards and have another baby, Natalie. With a passion for farming and organics, they incorporated Diamondback Acres, Inc. in 1992 and became certified organic in 1995.

The family and farm

Their family farm story is of persistence and preservation. Outside family members jump in when needed to assist Bill and Angell with the busy lifestyle of raising a family and building a start-up farming business. Bill and Angell teach their daughters the art of wearing many hats while working in the orchards to do a job well done. Angell’s agrarian enthusiasm, combined with Bill’s eternal optimism, fuels the couple’s farming progress. As the years tick by, the experiences along the way teach the young family the values that keep the family and the business together: compassion and empathy for people and workers, family, honesty, a love of the land and nature, self-reliance, and at the end of the day, letting Jesus take the wheel with so many unknowns and things out of their control.

Stewards of the land and business

Now the ranch is designated a Women-Owned Business since the Clark family is three-quarters women. They continue their commitment to clean, healthy farming practices to provide organic fresh fruit from their ranch to your door while protecting the environment they love. With the majestic mountains surrounding the farm and pristine Lake Chelan in the foreground, they believe in the extra efforts to keep the waters clean through their Salmon-Safe certification. As their business reaches beyond its majestic landscape, they continue their work to preserve our planet through guilt-free and sustainable packaging. They believe this united effort will benefit consumers, workers, water, and the land.

Why buy from us

Our premium organic fruit is as fresh as it gets. Depending on our harvest schedule, you're getting fruit, freshly picked, and delivered; straight to your doorstep.

Our customer’s satisfaction and enjoyment are our top priorities and because of the delicate nature of the fruit we ship, we must make certain your order arrives at your door as quickly and as fresh as possible!

APPLES: We provide Free Ground Shipping to all the following States: Washington, Oregon, Montana, California, Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Illinois. All other states will default to our discounted 3rd Day shipping for $10.00 or 2nd Day shipping for $30.00. 

FRUIT LOVER’S CLUB: For our club members we offer Free Ground shipping to the Pacific Northwest Region: Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Washington.  For all other States and Regions, shipments will default to our discounted 2nd Day or 3rd Day shipping for a flat fee of $20.00.

SUMMER FRUIT (Cherries and Berries): For Summer Fruit we offer Free Ground shipping to the Pacific Northwest Region: Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Washington. For all other States and Regions, shipments will default to our discounted 2nd Day shipping for $20.00-$35.00, depending on the destination. 

FREEZE DRIED FRUIT: Free Ground Shipping to all 48 states, for all orders containing only Freeze-Dried Fruit.

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We know everything about the fruit we sell. We want to provide maximum transparency with our customers, allowing them to visit our farm or speak with the farmer directly about questions or concerns.