Why do some cherries have no cherry flavor?

Some cherries have no flavor based on conventional farming practices, specific cherry variety, ripeness, regional climate, storage, and transportation methods.

Conventional Farming Practices

Soils treated with synthetic herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers are less healthy and fertile. They lack essential nutrients and minerals, which results in less flavor. Fruit treated with synthetic pesticides can affect the fruit's flavor and leaves residues on the surface, affecting taste.

Specific Cherry Variety

Cherries come in numerous varieties, each with its unique flavor profile. Some varieties may be genetically less flavorful than others. These varieties may inherently have lower concentrations of compounds responsible for the characteristic cherry flavor, such as anthocyanins, which are responsible for their deep red color, and various volatile compounds that contribute to their aroma and taste.


Flavor in cherries develops as they ripen on the tree. Harvesting cherries too early or underripe to extend shelf life or withstand shipping results in less sweetness and flavor than they would have attained if left to ripen fully on the tree.

Regional Climate

Weather and growing conditions can significantly impact the taste of cherries. Adequate sunlight, temperature, and water supply contribute to the development of sugars and flavor compounds in the fruit. Adverse weather conditions or suboptimal growing environments may affect the fruit's flavor.

Storage and Transportation

Cherries are delicate fruits and storage and transportation can affect their flavor. Improper handling, long shipping distances, and extended storage periods can lead to a loss of flavor in cherries.

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Cherries lacking in flavor this year.

Dorothy, Andrews August 16, 2023

Your cherries and blueberries are amazing. Just as God grew them naturally.

Mary July 18, 2023

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