Apeel On Organic Fruit

Organic fruits and vegetables that may or may not have an Edipeel coating

Apeel is not on our organic fruit! What the heck is Apeel? Since we grow and sell organic fruit, this is an important question. And it’s a question in many conversations lately, so let’s dive in!


Apeel Sciences is a company with a food additive product called Edipeel, also nicknamed Edipeel, Invisapeel. According to their website, “it is a thin, edible post-harvest coating manufactured from plant-derived materials, designed to be consumed, that meets the FDA requirements for qualification as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) in the US.” Companies can apply Edipeel on fresh organic or conventional fruits and vegetables to extend the shelf life by slowing moisture loss and reducing oxidation.


Equally important, Edipeel is a mixture of monoacylglycerides derived from grape seed oil. The manufacturing involves processing aids, Ethyl acetate, Heptane, catalyst, and neutralizing agents. So what are the residuals of the chemicals in this process of manufacturing? Disturbingly, the primary source of consumer exposure to the resulting monoacylglycerides after manufacturing Apeel products will be raw fruit with edible peels (RFEP). RFEPs would include apples, cherries, and blueberries – all fruit we grow, so NO THANKS!

Big Companies Benefit

Of course, big companies benefit from fresh produce with an extended shelf life and less spoilage. Some retailers participating in Apeel-treated produce can be found on Apeel’s website. And one of the most frustrating aspects of Apeel is the need for consistent labeling of foods coated with its product, Edipeel. Since Edipeel is invisible and difficult to wash off, how do you know if you’re eating it? Without a store’s transparency or a label, Edipeel becomes a secret ingredient. 

No to Edipeel

Some people like us at Chelan Ranch Organics prioritize natural or minimal processing methods and prefer our produce to remain uncoated, as we believe it aligns better with our principles of organic farming and food production. To avoid Apeel, look for small family farms with organic, unadulterated fruits and vegetables like ours. We don’t use Apeel coating on our fruit at Chelan Ranch Organics.


Thank you for not using apeel on your fruit. We just bought some of your organic sugar bee apples and they are so good. I appreciate safe food!

Tammy April 10, 2024

Just reading about your apples not being coated. I bought a big box of organic honeycrisp apples and they do in fact have a coating on them. I used a knife to scrape them and quite a bit of white wax like substance came off.

athena holmes March 01, 2024

so you don’t use organipeel, also?
looking forward to receiving my first box.

thank you

robin yates March 01, 2024

I just had my first very bad experience with Apeel. In the morning I had dry toast and green tea. Then I decided to eat an apple. Organic red apple from Whole Foods. About 20 min later I had stomach ache and about an hour later had the worst diarrhea in my life. After that very loose stool for days. This will be devastated for people with stomach sensitivity.

Ewa January 17, 2024

I want to thank you for having ethics and intelligence for saying no to apeel and edipeel. My family and friends will be sure to source your products. Thank you again! HC

Heather Campo January 03, 2024

Thank you

Mj November 01, 2023

Thank you so much for keeping “organic” food organic. I am looking for new sources here in Bend Or. If you market anywhere in Bend, Or. I would like to know. Apeel is an insidious product and I have yet to meet one person restocking “organic” produce who even knows about it. I hope you label your bags so that people KNOW – and maybe become even the least bit curious as to what it is!

Randee Ayres October 11, 2023

Thank you so much. I would love to do business with you.

Deb September 28, 2023

I’m hoping you are not deceiving us.
I do NOT want anything with apeel or Edipeel or anything monster gates promotes or distributes.
I have been searching for companies that avoid it.
Why did you decide not to use it?

I am thankful there is one company willing to provide fruit the way God intended.

Barb chancey

Barb September 12, 2023

So thankful no apeel on your food. People using it are evil.

Handtalker September 06, 2023

I was just going to email you asking about Apeel. The more I look into it the more sinister it sounds. So happy that you posted this and that you carry unadulterated fruit for shipping!

Kim August 16, 2023

I so appreciate your stand on this poison they are using to increase profits.I can buy your apples with joyful assurance.
Much gratitude,

jana anna July 18, 2023

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