Green Wedding Venues: How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Celebration

Green wedding venue at Chelan Ranch

In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards eco-friendly weddings as couples seek to reduce their environmental impact and create more sustainable celebrations. One of the critical decisions in planning an eco-friendly wedding is choosing a green venue that aligns with your values and priorities.

As an organic ranch, Chelan Ranch prioritizes sustainability. In keeping with our priorities, our wedding venue is green, literally, and environmentally. We’re excited to help you plan an eco-friendly celebration at green wedding venues like ours.

Selecting a Sustainable Venue

Eco-friendly wedding at Chelan Ranch

The first step in planning an eco-friendly wedding is choosing a venue that prioritizes sustainability. Look for venues implementing green practices such as energy efficiency, waste reduction, and conservation efforts. Consider outdoor locations such as gardens, parks, or vineyards, which naturally minimize the need for energy-intensive lighting and heating.

At Chelan Ranch, we use the same organic fertilizers on the venue lawn that we apply in the orchard to ensure consistency in our sustainable farming practices. Organic fertilizers promote soil health and fertility without relying on synthetic chemicals, minimizing environmental impact and supporting biodiversity. In addition, our ranch is certified Salmon Safe through our agricultural and urban land practices that protect water quality and salmon habitat. The certification requires meeting criteria like reducing pesticide and fertilizer use, conserving water, and preserving stream buffers. The aim is to promote environmentally friendly practices that support salmon populations and ecosystem health.

Local and Seasonal Decor

Seasonal decor provided by landscaped waterfall

Embrace the beauty of local and seasonal decor by opting for flowers, foliage, and decorations grown or harvested locally and in season. Not only does this reduce the carbon footprint associated with transportation, but it also supports local farmers and businesses. Consider using potted plants or renting potted trees for decoration, allowing plants to continue living beyond the event.

The integration of our venue at Chelan Ranch with the surrounding organic Honeycrisp orchard supports the local ecosystem. As part of the permanent landscaping, the perennial flowers around the waterfall contribute to the venue’s sustainability. Permanent landscaping reduces the need for regular replanting, conserving resources, and minimizing disruption to the ecosystem.

Waste Reduction and Recycling

Recycling at Chelan Ranch

Implement waste reduction strategies throughout your wedding planning process, such as using electronic invitations, digital RSVPs, and wedding websites to minimize paper waste. Provide clearly labeled recycling and compost bins at your venue to encourage guests to dispose of waste properly.

Chelan Ranch provides marked bins for recycling glass. We also offer our drop-off location for wedding event organizers to donate leftover decor, supplies, and materials to local organizations or repurpose them for future events. In our ongoing effort to be eco-friendly, we want to reduce waste by giving items a second life instead of disposing of them.

Carbon Offset Programs

Carbon offset by farming tree fruit at Chelan Ranch

Consider participating in carbon offset programs to neutralize the environmental impact of travel and energy consumption associated with your wedding. Donate to reforestation projects or invest in renewable energy initiatives to offset the carbon emissions generated by your event.

Here at Chelan Ranch, our primary source of income comes from farming apple and cherry trees. Trees absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere during photosynthesis, storing carbon in their biomass and the soil. The larger and older the trees grow, the more carbon they sequester. Fruit trees, with their long lifespans, can sequester significant amounts of carbon over time, helping to mitigate climate change. Renting the venue at Chelan Ranch is supporting a local farmer.

Sustainable Catering

Catering with sustainable and eco-friendly practices

Select a caterer specializing in sustainable and eco-friendly practices, such as sourcing ingredients from local farmers and offering organic, seasonal, vegetarian, or vegan menu options. Minimize food waste by accurately estimating guest numbers and donating surplus food to local charities. Choose reusable or compostable tableware and utensils to reduce waste further.

Chelan Ranch can help you source organic ingredients and donate surplus food to local charities. For example, excess fruit we grow at Chelan Ranch Organics goes to Chelan Valley Hope. Local families benefit from organic fruit that’s easily accessible.

Energy Efficiency

Renewable energy use at Chelan Ranch

Choose energy-efficient lighting and heating options for your venue, such as LED bulbs and solar-powered outdoor lighting. Dim or turn off unnecessary lights during daylight hours to conserve energy and minimize your carbon footprint.

At Chelan Ranch, solar power energizes the lights for our Marquis tent. The power package we provide at the venue ensures energy conservation. In addition, our water-efficient irrigation methods minimize water waste and energy usage. We use soil moisture sensors and weather data to optimize irrigation scheduling and avoid overwatering.

Ethical Wedding Rings

Ethical wedding rings share the same values as Chelan Ranch

Select wedding rings from ethically sourced and recycled materials, such as conflict-free diamonds, Fairtrade gold, or vintage rings. By choosing ethical and sustainable wedding rings, you can ensure that your commitment to each other aligns with your values and priorities.

Chelan Ranch shares the same values of ethical wedding rings in sustainability, environmental stewardship, and ethical sourcing practices. While they may seem unrelated, both industries prioritize responsible production methods and ethical considerations in their supply chains.

In conclusion, planning an eco-friendly wedding at green wedding venues involves making conscious choices to minimize your environmental impact and create a celebration that reflects your values and priorities. We hope this exploration of how to prepare an eco-friendly celebration is doable when you choose a green wedding venue such as ours at Chelan Ranch. By selecting a sustainable venue, embracing local and seasonal decor, choosing an eco-friendly catering option, and implementing waste reduction and recycling strategies, you can create a beautiful and sustainable wedding that positively impacts the planet.

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