George and Cherries

Besides chopping down a cherry tree and not telling a lie, our first president did like cherries. According to George’s diaries and letters, he planted cherry trees at Mount Vernon, his Virginia estate, and enjoyed the fruit they produced. 

George found cherries delicious in jams, desserts, and other dishes, so he often served cherries to guests at formal dinners and included them in his breakfast routine. Even then, people knew the health benefits of cherries as a treatment for gout and arthritis because of their vitamins and antioxidants. 

We’re celebrating George on Presidents day with our organic freeze-dried cherries. Like George, we think our cherries are delicious in various culinary ways, such as trail mix, salad topping, charcuterie tray, cookies, wild rice stuffing, and many others. Our cherries are delightfully crunchy and packed with flavor and a great way to celebrate George!

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