Abe and Apples

Abe Ahead of His Times Nutritionally

For President's Day, we’re celebrating Abraham Lincoln. Abe was a self-made man who became a rural attorney and eventually President. Then he went on to lead the nation through the Civil War. All the while he was doing this, he ate apples.

He loved fresh apples and apple pie. The history books say he would eat an entire apple, including the core! Our organic Honeycrisps today have that effect on people. It’s good to know that such a great leader shared our love affair with apples with the same zeal! “Apples,” he said, “agree with me … a large percent of professional men abuse their stomachs by imprudence in drinking and eating; in that way, health is injured, and life is shortened.” Abraham as the 16th president, was ahead of his times nutritionally. So, in celebration of Abraham Lincoln, eat apples from Chelan Beauty.

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