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Fruit this fresh is a beautiful thing.

Available year-round, our club offers seasonal fruit based on our harvest schedule.

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You will get consistent, high-quality, organic fruit that makes you smile. We hand-pick and hand-pack only the best fruit for you.

Fresh fruit directly from us means it will be firmer, more flavorful, contain higher levels of antioxidants, and will last longer in your fridge. AND, you know exactly where it came from.

With over 30 years of organic farming under our belt and multiple grower awards, we take pride in the premium fruits we grow. We have a feeling you'll love them as much as we do.

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Why buy from us

We're excited to share the joy and pleasure of eating genuinely fresh, delicious, 100% organic fruit.

Unlike them, we love where we work, what we do, and the people in our community.

These small organic farms in our local area share similar values with equally delicious fruit.

Premium quality 100% organic fruit, delivered directly to your door

Our summer fruit is shipped directly from us to you, cutting out the storage time and industrialized distribution centers that are needed for traditional fruit to appear at the grocery store. It’s the absolute freshest fruit you can buy, and we think you’ll taste the difference immediately.

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Sustainable, Recyclable, and Eco-Friendly Packaging

In efforts to eliminate plastic waste, we are battling this challenge one day at a time. Although we still use a recycled plastic for some of our clamshells, we are continuing to search for safer alternatives. Our red cherries are now in TIPA's Home Compostable Bag, and we switched to a foam alternative called Green Cell Foam that's made from corn and safely biodegrades in water. Help us to support sustainability.

Our planet will thank you.

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What people think


β€œBest apples I’ve ever eaten. Juicy and crunchy the way an apple should be.” 🍏

– Tracey B, Seattle

β€œI would give these cherries ten stars if I could” πŸ’

– Laird S, New York

β€œAbsolutely love these blueberries.. hard to stop eating them!” 🫐

– Alex A, Ohio