As a brand, we are committed to not only respecting the food chain, but also the environment. We have always made sustainability a part of our mission and we’re constantly working on ways to reduce our carbon footprint even more. As a community, let’s challenge ourselves to do our part and become more earth-friendly. 
Kurt Zuhlke & Associates Inc., also known as, is a leading innovator of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PETE), a type of packaging for the produce industry. The Pennsylvania-based company is a strong advocate for environmentally sustainable practices throughout its operation. Kurt Zuhlke Jr., company president, has designed and developed some of the most highly regarded packaging products known in the produce industry today.
The company uses PETE in the production of the majority of its packaging items.
Zuhlke said that it is important to maintain the circle of recycling in an effort to keep these materials out of landfills. He added that customers want high-quality products and are tuned into the environment, but also want good service. These initiatives run deep in the company.


Your red cherries will come in a bag sourced from TIPA Home Compostable Packaging and will break down in your compost pile in about 180 days.
Your fruit will come in a box sourced from NW Paper Box, a local family-owned PNW company.  
We have replaced heavy duty foam with a corn-based alternative called Green Cell Foam to continue to protect your fruit during shipping, but to have a better impact on the planet as it biodegrades in water.
As a small-scale, fully certified organic farm, we do our best to provide our customers with the most environmentally friendly packaging options.  
Agriculture is the #2 contributor to climate change. Much of this is due to carbon emissions from food transportation.  Shipping our fruit directly to our customers doorsteps, eliminates unnecessary travel and ensures fresher, better tasting fruit. 
Urban Farmers explains this concept in the video below: