Honeycrisp Apple Pie Filling

Slice of baked apple pie

Try this delicious recipe for homemade Honeycrisp apple pie filling using organic Honeycrisp apples. With simple ingredients and step-by-step instructions, you can create a mouthwatering pie filling that will delight your taste buds. 

Before I begin, here are a few tips I can pass on after years of making apple pies from scratch.

Baker's Tips:

First, be sure to cut the apples into thin slices. The thin, uniform slices help the apple slices to cook more quickly and evenly.

Secondly, because Honeycrisps are juicy apples, adding enough flour is essential to thicken the juice. The amount of sugar is variable depending upon your desired amount of sweetness. I like a full cup!

I also recommend mixing the dry ingredients before adding them to the bowl of apple slices so that the small measurements of spices blend well.

Let’s Get Started!

Five Honeycrisp apples

Aren’t these Honeycrisp apples divine? Wash, dry and admire these beauties!

Peeled Honeycrisp apples

A vegetable peeler makes peeling so easy! Start at stem and remove the peel from the apple flesh in a circular motion. Can you do this without breaking the peel? The farmer can!

Chef's knife with a peeled apple

With a chef’s knife and cutting board, it’s time to cut the apple in half from stem to blossom end.

Chef knife and two apple halves

Turn the halves flat side down and cut them in half to make quarters.

An apple quartered with a chef's knife

Now that the apple is quartered, a paring knife is best to remove the small parts of the apple core on each apple quarter. 

Cored apple quarter  with a paring knife

Carefully carve out the core at the blossom end, the middle and the stem skin.

Quartered apple with all cores removed by a paring knife.

Now we’re ready for the chef’s knife to thinly slice each quarter of the apple. 

Quarter apple thinly sliced with chef's knife.

Turn the apple quarter core side down and thinly slice. With a medium-sized apple, try to get about seven slices per quarter of the apple. Protect your fingertips on the hand holding the apple by curling your fingers. The side of the blade (not the edge) rests against the middle knuckles of the hand holding the apple.

Two apple quarters thinly sliced.

Turn the quartered apple core side down to stabilize it for easier slicing.

Put all apple slices in large bowl and set aside.

Dry ingredients for apple pie filling.

I usually have these basic dry ingredients on hand. A couple of pats of butter go on the pie in the final prep stage. Mix the dry ingredients together in another small bowl before adding them to the bowl.

One cup of sugar.

A pinch of salt.

one teaspoon of cinnamon

More than a pinch of cinnamon will flavor your pie delightfully and fill your home with a holiday scent.

a teaspoon of nutmeg

A pinch of nutmeg will be the reason some people go for a second piece of pie!

a cup of flour

The flour is a thickening agent. Honeycrisp apples are juicy so the ½ cup of flour will thicken the juice just right.

Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl.

Stir all the dry ingredients together for even distribution of the sugar, spices and flour.

Mix the dry ingredients with the apple slices.

Sprinkle the dry ingredients over the bowl of apple slices and gently stir. Treat yo self and have a slice!

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