Have you heard the news?

Last week, a congressional report revealed high levels of toxic heavy metals found in some popular baby foods—companies like Gerber, Beech-Nut, HappyBABY, and Earth's Best Organic. Like many, this left us alarmed and confused. Some of these companies make claims to have only "real ingredients" and "rigorous testing processes" to ensure it is, in fact, good for our babies.
What was found?
Metals like lead, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury were found in these trusted baby foods. This raises a huge concern as you can find all of these metals listed on the World Health Organization's top 10 chemicals of public health concern. These metals have been tied to chronic disease and cancer. For baby's and children, this can affect their brain, which is especially vulnerable. Health officials say this can cause brain damage and lead to a lower IQ, which results in trouble at school. 


What's being done?
The FDA says they are taking this "very seriously." They noted that toxic elements enter the food supply from natural sources: the soil, water, and air. As an organic farmer, our farm cannot use any type of pesticide that contains any harmful metal. That being said, that has this farmer wondering, so where is it coming from? If it isn't in our soil and certainly not on our fruit, that makes us speculate, are these baby food companies sourcing fruit outside of the US, is it in their packing, in the machinery, or is it something they are adding to the baby food?


What can parents do from here?
Experts suggest sourcing raw fruit and vegetables and skip the processed baby foods. Instead of being filled with doubt that the FDA or big baby food companies will be taking action to ensure our children's safety, we believe taking things into our own hands is the safest bet for ensuring their safety. 


The small organic farmer's suggestion
Source your fruit from trusted local organic farmers who is willing to share their certifications and farming practices, like Chelan Beauty. 
We want to encourage parents to begin exploring making baby food at home. A favorite company of ours leading in innovative baby food processors is BEABA USA. BEABA is all about creating an effortless experience for at-home baby food making. All it takes is a quick steam, and a quick blend and you have perfect baby food with your trusted ingredients.

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Thanks for this post Hailey! Most parents don’t think twice about they food they are feeding their kids. If it’s sold at the grocery store it must be safe… right?? This is a good reminder on the importance of taking a closer look at the foods we are consuming and giving our kids. Love the idea of making your own baby food and buying/supporting our local, trusted Chelan farmers. Thanks Chelan Beauty for being one of those farmers :) www.livingwellfamilychiropractic.com

Dr. Nate Moller January 11, 2022

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