2022 New Year’s Resolution: Eat Organic

2022 New Year’s Resolution: Eat Organic

Why going organic is a resolution worth making, keeping

A new year, a new list of resolutions. 

Perhaps the only thing more common than making a New Year’s resolution ... is breaking it. Research has found the average resolution lasts just 32 days. The reasons for failure are many and varied. Maybe the resolution was too ambitious, too vague, or too time-consuming. Maybe it lacked accountability, or had no real purpose behind it, which makes it hard to stay motivated. 

With all those hurdles in mind, and the fact that more than 90% of New Year’s resolutions are in some way health related, there might be one that many people overlook, one that accomplishes the goals of most resolutions, while avoiding the common pitfalls that result in failure: 

Eating organic. 

Fewer pesticides and heavy metals, more antioxidants, environmentally sustainable farming practices, and some say, better flavor, lead the way when it comes to the benefits of eating organic. Obviously, everything organic is a big part of our our way of life here at Chelan Beauty-- we've been farming organic Honeycrisp apples since 1991, the year they were first available to apple farmers. But it's not just what we do, it's what we truly believe is best for our bodies, and our planet. Read below for our take on why we think going organic is the perfect fit for your New Year’s resolution in 2022. 

  • It’s Easy
  • Think back even 10 years ago and eating organic had a bit of a different connotation than it does in today’s informed, health-conscious society. Once perceived as pretentious and expensive, organic food has gone mainstream. It would be odd to walk into any major grocery chain today and not find a specific section for organic fruits and vegetables. Beyond big supermarkets, farmer’s markets are the perfect place to find not only organic produce, but organic produce sourced from a local small family farm (something we think is a pretty big deal). And now, as more consumers shift to buying produce online, more and more fresh organic delivery options make it possible to buy direct from the farm. With all these avenues to organic produce available to us, it's never been easier to integrate into the everyday diet. 

  • It's Accountable
  • Historically, it's true that buying organic is slightly more expensive, and that's always been a bit of a deterrent. But recent data indicates the price of conventional produce is rising much faster than organic, and soon the price gap may not exist at all. Regardless, the slight cost increase of transitioning to organic might even be a good thing as far as keeping you accountable. You’re treating yourself to something premium, to something important. That commitment to self care at a small cost can carry over into other areas of your life, and that’s important. Consider your switch to organic as a small monetary commitment to the relationship between you and better health. It might just be your best investment yet. 

  • It’s Dramatic ... Without Being Dramatic
  • One reason New Year’s resolutions fail is because they are too drastic. Many people try to go from the couch to 3 or 4 days a week at the gym. Or from steak dinners to steamed veggies every night. It’s not sustainable, it’s uncomfortable, and it’s stressful--a grueling combination that leads directly back to the habit you’re trying to break in the first place. Eating organic this year is the opposite: it’s a small choice with a big impact. You’re feeding your body nutritious food lower in synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, antibiotics and GMOs. While the debate continues on the overall nutrition content of organic produce compared to conventionally grown, support for significant increases in certain types of vitamins, like flavonoids, which have major antioxidant (i.e. heart healthy) properties, is growing. We’d say that’s pretty dramatic. 

  • It’s Purposeful
  • Maybe the very best New Year’s resolution for 2022 is one that helps others while helping yourself. Not only is eating organic great for your own body and health, but it supports the health of the planet. Experts consider organic farming a far more sustainable alternative to conventional farming in the long run to feed the world. Benefits of organic farming include fewer pesticides, less water and better soil quality, just to name a few. Further, in many cases, eating organic supports the small-scale farmer, which is vital to the world’s agricultural production. Believe it or not, small-scale farming accounts for 70% of the world’s food production. What could be more purposeful than that? 

  • It’s Attainable 
  • "Travel more. Exercise more. Live life to the fullest." Some of the more common New Year’s resolutions, while noble, are often too lofty, too vague. Sticking to them means a commitment to a new standard. It’s a huge undertaking, and, unfortunately, rarely attained. A more attainable start to better health starts at the most basic: your food. Eating organic is one of the simplest, most effective ways to improve health this year. Readily available, nutritious, less toxic, and beneficial to yourself and to others. It’s tough to find a more laudable New Year’s Resolution for 2022 than choosing to eat organic. 

    Organic farming is particularly close to our hearts. All of our organic apples, organic blueberries and organic cherries are sent direct from our family farm in Lake Chelan, Washington, where we uphold the latest sustainable farming practices and techniques. 

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