Love, family, and passion: Our secret ingredients to great fruit.


Our Story

Chuck Berry's song, "It was a teenage wedding, and the old folks wished them well…." pretty much describes Bill and Angell Clark in 1981. They loaded up their Datsun B-210 and floored it to Chelan to return to the farm Bill grew up on. After four lean years with microscopic revenue, the couple and their new baby, Shyla, cut free of the family farm and searched for other opportunities. Eventually, they strike gold in leasing area orchards and have another baby, Natalie. With a passion for farming and organics, they formed Diamondback Acres, Inc., then became certified organic in 1995. Starting with a 7-acre lease, the Clark family farm is born. The reward in their farming career is the strong relationships with the people, the work, the experiences, and the surroundings they love.