Questions to Ask When Touring Potential Wedding Venues

Questions to ask when touring wedding venues

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day, and choosing the right venue is critical when planning your big day. At Chelan Ranch, we get it, so we’ve created a checklist of questions to ask when touring potential wedding venues. We know picking where you’ll say “I do” sets the vibe for your entire celebration.

Our outdoor spot above Lake Chelan is a real gem, offering killer views of the lake, mountains, and surrounding orchards and vineyards. We’re so pumped about our venue that we wanted to share some insider tips with you. Whether you dream of a cozy garden ceremony or a fancy ballroom bash, the place you pick will shape your wedding memories. So, let’s create a checklist with the questions to ask wedding venues to find your perfect spot. Happy Valentine’s Day, and let’s start finding your ideal setting!

Availability and Capacity:

  • Is the venue available on our desired wedding date?
  • What is the venue’s maximum capacity, and does it comfortably accommodate our guest list?
  • Are there any restrictions on the number of guests or hours of operation?

Cost and Inclusions:

  • What is the rental fee, and what does it include? (e.g., ceremony space, reception area, tables, chairs, linens)
  • Are there any additional fees or hidden costs we should be aware of?
  • Do you offer any wedding packages, and what amenities are included

Catering and Bar Services:

  • Do you have an in-house caterer, or can we bring our catering company?
  • Are there any restrictions on outside vendors?
  • Can we customize the menu and accommodate dietary restrictions?
  • Do you have a liquor license, and what are the options for bar service? (e.g., open bar, cash bar, consumption-based)

Logistics and Amenities:

  • Is there ample parking available for our guests? Is it complimentary or valet?
  • Do you provide bridal suites or dressing rooms for the wedding party?
  • Are there any accommodations for guests with disabilities?
  • What is the backup plan for inclement weather if our wedding is outdoors?

Décor and Setup:

  • Are there any restrictions on decorations or candles?
  • Do you provide décor or rental items like centerpieces or lighting?
  • Can we access the venue for setup and teardown, and is a designated coordinator or planner available to assist?

Vendor Coordination:

  • Do you have a list of preferred vendors we can choose from? (e.g., photographers, florists, DJs)
  • Are there any vendor restrictions or requirements?
  • How does the venue handle vendor logistics and coordination on the wedding day?

Policies and Contracts:

  • What is your cancellation policy?
  • Are there any noise restrictions or curfews we should be aware of?
  • What is the payment schedule, and what are the contract terms?

References and Reviews:

  • Can you reference past couples who have held their weddings at the venue?
  • Are there any online reviews or testimonials we can review?

When touring potential wedding venues, questions to ask.

By asking these questions and thoroughly evaluating each potential wedding venue, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your vision and budget. Remember to take notes, compare your options, and trust your instincts when selecting the perfect venue for your special day. To organize all of this information click here for the 18 Best Wedding Planning Websites and Apps of 2023. As you celebrate Valentine’s Day and the love that brought you together, consider scheduling an appointment with us at Chelan Ranch to ask your questions and see if the venue at Chelan Ranch is your ideal setting. Happy venue hunting, and may your search be filled with love and excitement!

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