Is There Wax On Apples?

Bowl of three shiny SweeTango apples

Yes, there is wax on apples at the grocery store.

Is there wax on apples? Yes, apples at the grocery store can have wax on them. However, our apples at Chelan Ranch Organics do not have a coat of wax. We prioritize natural or minimal processing methods and prefer our produce to remain uncoated, as it aligns better with our principles. The shiny sheen on our organic apples is the natural wax they produce as they develop. 

Why wax?

Fresh fruits and vegetables contain 80 to 95 percent water, so the wax apples naturally secrete is nature's effort to minimize moisture loss through respiration and transpiration.

Kinds of wax

To improve this natural sheen, most conventional apple wholesalers will add a food-grade wax to enhance their apples' appearance by giving them a glossy, eye-catching appeal that protects them from moisture loss and extends their shelf life. The wax applied can be natural or synthetic, often a mixture of both. Commonly used apple waxes include carnauba wax, shellac wax, and petroleum-based waxes. 

How long has waxing occurred?

Adding food-grade wax on fruits and vegetables has been going on since 1924. Research shows that over the years, as far back as the 1950s, coatings used on apples consistently slow moisture loss and respiration and protect crispness. However, we still do not want coatings on our organic fruit at Chelan Ranch Organics.

Removing wax

Edible coatings do not easily wash off because they adhere to any natural wax remaining on the fruit after cleaning. Coated produce can be scrubbed with a vegetable brush briefly in lukewarm water and rinsed before eating to remove wax and surface dirt (but using detergents on porous foods like apples is not recommended!)

Our Fruit at Chelan Ranch Organics

At Chelan Ranch Organics, we keep our organic practices simple and true to what nature does best: growing delicious organic fruit. The flavor of our fruit is what nature intended. No other substances interfere with the real flavor of our fruit.

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