Is Organic Fruit Really Worth the Extra Cost?

We think organic fruit really is worth the extra cost because of the flavor and peace of mind. However, choosing to pay more for organic is personal for every shopper. The value of organic fruit depends on several factors, such as personal health concerns, environmental impact, and budget.

Personal Health Concerns

Organic farming practices do not use synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers, which reduces workers’ and consumers’ exposure to harmful chemicals or harm the environment. Therefore, organic fruit can be crucial for individuals with specific health concerns or who want to minimize their exposure to synthetic chemicals.

Environmental Impact

The preservation of soil’s organic composition is a cornerstone of organic farming. Organic practices such as maintaining and improving fertility, soil structure, biodiversity, and reducing erosion create a sustainable solution for agriculture. In addition, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are not allowed.


While organic fruit may be more expensive than conventionally grown fruit, it may be worth the extra cost. Some people prioritize environmental sustainability, want to support local farmers, and reduce their exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. Additionally, some studies suggest that organic produce may have higher levels of certain nutrients.

We decided to farm organically 30 years ago because of our philosophy about what made sense. At Chelan Beauty, organic farming is better for the environment, workers, and consumers. So the extra cost to farm organically and protect these assets is worth it. Rediscover the true flavor of fruit and enjoy peace of mind.

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