Introducing Chelan Ranch

Introducing Chelan Ranch

We have some exciting news! We’ve rebranded from Chelan Beauty to Chelan Ranch Organics. Here’s the story. 

Our Start

With a passion for farming and organics, Bill and Angell incorporated Diamondback Acres, Inc in 1992 and became certified organic in 1995. Our family farm story is one of persistence and preservation. As the years have ticked by, the experiences along the way have taught our family and farm team the values that have kept our family and business together: compassion and empathy for people and workers, family time, honesty, a love of the land and nature, self-reliance, and at the end of the day, letting Jesus take the wheel with so many unknowns and things out of our control.

From Farm to Ranch

With the help of our daughter Natalie, we launched our online store, Chelan Beauty, in 2020. Our goal was to sell directly to customers who wanted a relationship with the place their food comes from and who shared our values. Now that we’re in our third year of online organic fruit sales, we’re ready to offer on-site experiences to promote these relationships with our customers. The 50-mile lake, mountain views, and surrounding agricultural land that is the center of what we do is the perfect backdrop for our wedding and event venue, farm stays, and a farm store at the ranch. With this business expansion, we will continue to provide beautiful organic fruit, Chelan Ranch Organics, and a beautiful place to visit at Chelan Ranch.

Stewards of the Land and Business

The ranch is designated a Women-Owned Business since the Clark family is three-quarters women. We’re committed to clean, healthy farming practices to provide organic fresh fruit from our ranch to your door while protecting the environment we love. We believe in the extra efforts to keep our pristine Lake Chelan clean through our Salmon-Safe certification. And as our business reaches beyond our majestic landscape, we continue efforts to preserve the earth through guilt-free and sustainable packaging. This place we work and call home is Chelan Ranch. The organic produce we grow is Chelan Ranch Organics. Visit us online, or better yet, come see us at the ranch to rediscover the true flavor of fruit and where it comes from!

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