Harvest Gratitude

orchard with sprinklers below Chelan Ranch office

Harvest Gratitude permeates our organic farm, situated above Lake Chelan, Washington, as it undergoes a significant transformation. Rooted in organic principles, we’re shifting from commodity farming to a direct-to-consumer approach.

This harvest season prompts reflection on the intricate dance between our organic produce and consumers. Join us as we delve into the nuances of change, navigating continuous shifts in weather, regulations, the guest worker program, fair wages, fruit prices, and the dynamic world of online and on-farm sales, all while considering consumers’ taste preferences and perceived value.

The Organic Essence

Deer on lawn at office

In the heart of Chelan, our farm embodies organic principles, prioritizing the health of the land, farmworkers, and consumers. As we embark on this organic odyssey, lessons learned form a rich tapestry of values binding our family and business together. Compassion, empathy, love of the land, and family bonds shape our ethos. These values transform how our fruit graces homes and sows the seeds of a legacy built on integrity, community, and a profound connection to the land.

Navigating Change with Gratitude

Chelan Ranch Team after harvest 2023

Our local staff, split into field operations and office business management, is crucial in navigating this transformation. Our field operations team cares for the land and fruit in high-elevation orchards, adapting to changing weather and policies. Simultaneously, the office business management team handles human relations, compliance, and marketing, skillfully navigating online sales, customer service, and social media.

Weather’s Symphony

Apple blossom warm sping day

Gratitude guides us through the rhythmic dance with nature, where weather’s unpredictability becomes a guiding force. Sun, moderate temperatures, and consistent moisture contribute to healthy fruit development. Climate Change adds uncertainty, underscoring the interconnectedness between our efforts and the gifts of the natural world.

Direct Connection, Stewardship, and Quality

Upick harvesting of Sweetangos mom & baby

This transition reinforces our position as conscientious land stewards and amplifies our role as advocates for organic excellence. Establishing a direct connection with consumers through our online presence at www.chelanranch.com serves to fortify our dedication to sustainable agriculture. Our holistic farming approach prioritizes the well-being of soil and water, fosters biodiversity, and upholds ethical treatment practices. The culmination of these efforts sparks a profound sense of gratitude during the harvest, contributing to creating a healthier environment for people, water sources, and the land itself.

Field Challenges

H2A field staff after harvest 2023

The field operations team navigates ongoing challenges in overseeing H2A workers, adjusting to dynamic weather patterns, and cultivating a fair work environment. Additionally, they play a crucial role in educating unskilled laborers, a testament to our appreciation for their unwavering dedication and hard work.

Office Challenges

Office meeting at conference table

The business management team adeptly manages government regulations, navigates the complexities of the guest worker program, grapples with rising costs, and addresses the fluctuations in fruit prices. Their unwavering dedication is pivotal in ensuring a seamless connection between the farm and consumers, eliciting deep gratitude for their tireless commitment to the farm’s success.

Online Presence and Community

Farmers Market staff 2023

Our online presence is a global link between Chelan’s orchards and homes worldwide. The office staff diligently ensures a seamless online experience, fostering gratitude for the dynamic relationship between our farm and patrons. In addition, our team actively participates in the local farmers market, further strengthening our connection with the community and bringing the essence of our farm to a broader audience.


Apple Donation to Chelan Valley Hope

As the harvest season unfolds on our organic apple, cherry, and blueberry farm in Chelan, Washington, gratitude permeates every aspect of our journey. The spirit of thankfulness extends from the diligent hands that nurture our fruit to the minds navigating the complexities of online sales, customer service, and the intricacies of managing field operations. Our transition signifies not just a change in strategy but a deepened commitment to a sustainable, organic future. As we reflect on the challenges we have overcome and the fruits of our labor, gratitude propels us forward, sowing seeds of thankfulness for the people at the heart of our organic farm, the land itself, the community, and the shared vision of a healthier, more harmonious world.

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