5 tricks crafty moms use to get their kids to eat more fruit

Create hype around healthy snacks to build anticipation and excitement. I love to make the experience special when we purchase fruit or have it arrive by mail. I do this by visiting the farm itself or through subscription services that give farm updates and fun facts for kids along with the fruit itself.  I personally love the whole experience of unpacking a box and knowing that the items came from one small local farmer.
Make sure you have determined not only your child’s favorite fruit but also the variety of that specific fruit.  Apples, in general, are rated the #1 favorite fruit by kids, but which variety of apple does your child prefer? Honeycrisp? SweeTango? Sugarbee?  You’re not alone if you didn’t know that apples come in various varieties.  If you go to a farmer’s market be sure to grab different varieties and host a tasting party for the family. You’ll be surprised what you learn about everyone’s preferences!  Click Here to get an organic sampler box delivered straight to your doorstep for less than $3.00/ lb. 
Make sure you keep fruit on-hand in an easy to see and reach place.  Many families put a fruit bowl in the center of the kitchen island where kids walk by each day.  This is another compelling reason to use a trusted fruit subscription service.  That way you will always know that you have enough on-hand and you can expect the quality to remain consistent.

Talk to your child about how the fruit was grown and how small-scale sustainable agriculture is good for the planet, animals (like bees) and our health in general.  Having an organic apple a day doesn’t just keep the doctor away- it also promotes a healthier economy and environment for your child to grow up in.
Model eating fruit yourself.  Your kids will mimic anything you do so go out, find YOUR favorite fruit and variety, make sure you keep enough on hand and try to eat as much as you can in front of your child.  If the fruit you choose is apples you may even lose some weight out of the deal! 

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